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From Seed to Shelf

Victis Health owns its entire pharmaceutical grade supply chain, from our proprietary hemp seeds to our advanced growing algorithms. Our plants are grown and harvested indoors and in controlled environments, eliminating the need for pesticides or other harmful chemicals. I think this is super important and we could grab a quick statement from Michael about this. All of our products undergo strict third-party testing to ensure accuracy and efficacy, and we are the only CBD company that welcomes partners to tour and validate our supply chain facilities upon request. CBD works at the molecular level, interacting with the human cannabinoid receptors to decrease the body’s inflammatory responses, and we at Victis strive to provide quality CBD and CBG products that people can use for the benefits they offer. We do not believe in loading our products up with useless ingredients to take up volume or space, as other brands do, meaning that every ingredient we use has a specific purpose.

Options to Best fit Your Needs

Victis owns and operates its own certified cultivation and processing facilities in Nevada and North Carolina– the property in AZ is no longer functional. Correct? When is the SC site going to be up and running? We should add this when it is officially producing. Product safety, availability, and traceability are important to us, which is why we invest heavily in geographical redundancy of our wholly owned, seed-to-shelf operations. In fact, unlike the majority of CBD retailers, we cultivate and harvest our own fresh, organic hemp plants weekly instead of allowing them to degrade in a warehouse. Additionally, Victis is active in multiple non-GMO, natural plant research programs, which allows us to safely maximize our plant’s therapeutic benefits. Victis Health CEO Dr. Michael LaCount currently heads the production and formulation of our products- striving to produce innovative methods in which CBD can safely aid the bodies of any CBD consumer, with their health always at the forefront.

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